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Who hasn't wanted to be a DJ at some point in their life? It's a phase that everyone goes through in their teens or twenties, right?! ...And some of us never really outgrow it.

MixMeister Sets

February 15, 2014

Length: 37 minutes / 20-yr Highschool Reunion Rewind

  1. Lonnie Gordon – Happening All Over Again
  2. Stereo MC's – Step It Up
  3. Simply Majestic – DJs Put This in the Mix
  4. Fun Factory – Close to You
  5. 2 Unlimited – Tribal Dance
  6. Corona – The Rhythm of the Night (Remix)
  7. Technotronic – Recall
  8. The Bucketheads – The Bomb (Radio Edit)
  9. Culture Beat – Mr. Vain
  10. BKS feat. Ashley MacIsaac – The Square Dance Song (City Of Love Club Mix)